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Podcast Delivery Clips Downtime (June 2022)

Stephen O'Grady
min read
· Posted on
May 31, 2022

Podcast Delivery Clips has been a great way to learn about what podcast creators like you need to get the word out.

We're always trying to find new ways that make your life easier and most of the time it stems from processes or automations that require only a little bit of input from us. With Podcast Delivery Clips, we're do a few things: 

  1. We listen to every 60-second clip submitted
  2. We run an AI service against your clip to gather transcription details
  3. We manually review each transcription and make corrections, accounting for things like cross-talk, nuanced speech, and any possible mistakes
  4. We send all of that off to generate your audiogram

While we're always happy to see new audiograms made with Podcast Delivery Clips, the team isn't going to be around for a couple days to keep doing the things we do to get clips in your hands.

Truthfully, that team is one person – me, Stephen. I'll be stepping away mid-week for some R&R and will be back at it Friday, June 3rd.

If there's anything you want to share about PD Clips or Podcast Delivery in general, get in touch by emailing me at stephen@podcastdelivery.com


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